The only spray-on truck liner that effectively grips and protects cargo

This bedliner is perfect for spraying on your fuel tanks....no more rock chips! We can color match to your specifications.....

Reflex is a thick, tough, rubbery polyurethane liner that can be applied in brilliant, long-lasting color. Sprayed up to ¼ inch thick, Reflex provides maximum truck bed protection and is applied with a high-gloss, color retention finish. Additionally, Reflex polyurethane forms a watertight seal that offers maximum protection from dents, scratches and rust while maintaining its form without cracking, peeling or warping.
Reflex colorant is precisely metered and pressure injected into the fluid stream, producing total, thru-n-thru color dispersion.This process is patented and EXCLUSIVE to Reflex.

Reflex protects against abrasion and dents and resists gasoline, diesel, oil, chlorine, fertilizer, acid and salt. Even in severe freezing weather, reflex retains it's rubbery surface and will not scratch or damage the things you put inside. Because of it's rubbery grip, your cargo will not slip around as it would in a plastic drop in liner, or hard spray on liner. Reflex means protection for your truckbed and your cargo.

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